Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Students took part in Wheelchair Basketball on their first day in college.

We decided to ride high on the wave of the London 2012 Paralympics and the good feeling it generated by inviting brand new students to experience Wheelchair basketball, with the help of local group "Stoke Spitfires" and their dedicated volunteers Andy and Alison Flowers.
This celebratory event proved a couple of things for curious onlookers....
Hair & Beauty, Engineering and Sports students were ready and willing to take on the challenge, and in a true show of sportspersonship compete against each other in a sport for which they had no prior experience.  Students were able to put their arm strength to the test, learn about the skills and techniques of the game and the mechanics of the chairs brought along by the club for their use.
Alison told groups of spectating students about the amazing Paralympians, the types of disabilities they overcame to compete at such a high level and the International Paralympic Committee of which she is a member

Andy and Alison have agreed to come back to college and be a part of sports/basketball coaching sessions where we need them, we look forward to seeing them again soon.
If you would like further information regarding this activity contact the college's Equality & Diversity Advisor

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