Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Interfaith Week at NULC


An Islamic Scholar attended college to meet four groups of Early Years students as part of the college’s celebrations to mark National Interfaith Week 2013.

Isa converted to Islam in 2009, lives in Middlesbrough and was born to an English father and a Greek mother. He is a graduate in Biomedical Science and is currently studying Law, as part of his pursuit for a greater understanding of his faith, he performs at a variety of speaking events across Britain, meeting people of all faiths and none to explain Islam and help communities to understand his religion.   

Students had the opportunity to ask about the requirements Islam places on those who practice it and on the community as a whole.  Isa helped students to explore what following his faith meant for the practices he undertook during his day to day life.  He explored the Quran, its intent and the ways that this would impact the families students will meet as they gain employment and provide services to the community as Early Years/Childcare providers. 
Isa answered questions regarding the need for food to be Halal, women and their cultural dress and their position in the family, the right to access medicine, arranged marriages, whether he is allowed to celebrate Christmas, where cultural and religious boundaries overlap, the variety of interpretations of the Quran and the reality of what it is to be a follower of the faith in a modern British society.
If you would like further information regarding Religion & Belief at NULC contact the colleges Equality & Diversity Advisor theresa.kirkhamblair@nulc.ac.uk or the college Chaplain martin.ball@nulc.ac.uk

We'd like to thank Iftikhar Ahmed from Stoke-on-Trent City Council's Community Cohesion Team for helping us to arrange this worthwhile activity


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